Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
(DBE) Program

The I-69 Development Partners (I-69 DP Team) is fully committed to exceeding the project’s stated 11% Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal for DBE participation. As stated in the Public Private Agreement (PPA), The I-69 DP Team will measure its DBE participation as an aggregate percentage for both design and construction, in accordance with 49 CFR 26. The I-69 DP Team's approach and execution to providing DBE outreach and program management is defined in the policy statement which follows:

Policy Statement

It is our policy to:


- Cable barrier: Cable barrier type TL-3 as a median barrier. See this link for further information…
- Traffic Lights: Standard INDOT traffic lights for 8 intersections (4 in SR-45 interchange, 4 in SR-48 interchange).
-  Landscape planting (trees and shrubs).

If you are interested contact the DBE Coordinator, Matti McCormick mccormickmatti@gmail.com

  • Ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of contracts.
  • Create a level playing field on which DBEs con compete fairly for contacts.
  • Ensure that the DBE Program is in accordance with applicable law.
  • Ensure that only firms that fully meet 49 CFR Part 26 eligibility standards are permitted to participate in measurement of the DBE goal.
  • Facilitate DBE prompt payment and to assist in resolving any payment issues.
  • Help remove barriers to DBE contract participation.
  • Assist in extending training to further develop DBE capabilities to fully compete in the general marketplace.
  • Publicize contract opportunities and promote DBE bidding participation.
  • Provide documentation of our efforts.

The DBE team will seek to maximize use of the INDOT DBE list of vendors for vendor referral and will work to facilitate DBE participation. If you are not DBE certified, we encourage you to pursue that certification. Should you have any questions, about our program or policy you may reach our DBE Coordinator, Matti McCormick at i69section5dbe@i69section5.org. You may also submit your questions on line by utilizing our on line comment option, provided via the link below.

We look forward to working with you.


DBEs working on the I69 project.

Nash unloading HMA for E&B paving operations on the SR 37 mainline median K&S Engineers executing soil density testing

The Hoosier Company executing lighting repairs Mezzetta Construction completing installations at theSalt Barn Maintenance Building